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Original, Moral Stories for Kids, Training and Products
Perfect for Children, Families, Educators, Counselors and More

"We are educators and parents whose families were created in different ways.
Just like yours, our lives have been challenged by real life.
"Our personal and professional experiences inspire the characters, stories and lessons of Prafi.
May they bring comfort and connect to those you hold dear."

The  Difference
Sets Our Stories Aside
C h a r a c t e r s C o n t e n t M a t e r i a l s
- From various family backgrounds 
(Adoption, divorce, single parents)
- Different learning styles and needs 
(ADHD, speech, counseling, dyslexia)
- Stories for kids with messages 
lessons learned in life
- Educational training created 
from real life experiences
- Learning Resources:  Slideshows,
videos & printable worksheets

Teaching Resources:  Informative links and cut & paste lesson plans

We believe acceptance comes with understanding and changing what is perceived as normal

Why ?


Beneficial and
Inspirational and
Affordable and
Easy to Use
 allows kids to feel accepted for
who they are, where they come from
and how they learn.  Families feel validated and have trusted go-to 
learning resources.
Kids relate to  adorable, unique
characters and connect to their learning.  

 engaging stories support student achievement while facilitating social and emotional growth.
 founders are teachers and
parents too.  Their proactive, innovative approach is easy to follow and their commitment to an accessible, original concept is unsurpassed.

 stories for kids are educational, convenient and fun

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- Silver, Gold starting at $19  
- Digital downloads featuring everything you need. 
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